best desk stretches

Grab your FREE copy of our Best Desk Stretches!

We know you work hard. So we created these easy stretches that you can do from the comfort (or discomfort) of your workspace. 

It doesn’t matter whether you work from your custom made, ergonomically designed corner office, from your dining room table or even your couch, these stretches will help keep you moving!

Finding the best desk stretches for you has always been tricky, you didn’t know what would work, and what wouldn’t. 

These. Stretches. WORK! 

They are best done regularly, begining with shorter holds and progressing to longer holds as you improve your flexibility. 

Start by setting a phone alarm to go ‘PING!!!!’ every 30 mins. When the phone goes ping, you do one stretch. Just one. Then you get back to work. 

Repeat this process across the day until you are finished with all 11. Then go again. 

You can do all the stretches one after another if you like too. This sequence is called ‘best desk stretches’ for a reason.. if you do them all, you win the day even faster.

Download your very own PDF copy by tapping the button below, or if you prefer, save a pic to your phone for easy reference later on – just remember to set it as a ‘favourite’ in your camera roll so you can find it (and share it) easily. 

Remember – the best desk stretches are the ones you do REGULARLY!