How Many Of These 3 Shocking Chiropractic Mistakes Are You Making Right Now?

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  • The #1 mistake newly graduated chiros make when selecting their first associate position (Hint: Do NOT accept the first offer!).
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  • What NEVER to do if you want to be in the top 1% of high earning chiropractors in Australia (wallet saving advice for beginners and veterans).
  • Can patients tell you have no idea what you are doing? This simple fix will skyrocket your confidence when adjusting.
  • 3 warnings signs you should NOT take a position at a certain practice (eliminate the risk of a toxic work life before it’s too late)
  • If you are an experienced chiro… 2 easy ways to reignite your career and take home a bigger slice of the pie.
  • If you’re a new chiro… how to jumpstart your career and land your dream job on the first try (with great pay, mentorship and opportunity)
  • 3 unique (and subtle) ways to position yourself as the BEST chiropractor when applying for your dream job..

“The worst mistake I ever made as a Chiropractor was…”

Hi, my name is Adam McKenzie. CEO and founder of Chiropractic Life. Author of this free report. And a proud donor to the Australian Chiropractic College (ACC).

Today, Chiropractic Life has over 34 industry leading practices all around Australia.However, 9 years ago when I first became a chiro… I made a lot of horrific mistakes.

Those easily avoidable mistakes, set me back YEARS in my career. Sadly, most chiros are still making these mistakes today.

Which is why I wrote this report, and I’d like you to have it free of charge. Because I want to give you the career catapulting shortcuts and early warning signs nobody gave me.

Leap out of bed everyday with confidence and sprint at full speed towards your full potential. As both a Chiropractor and a human being.

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