What Are Secondary Conditions?

People often report various Secondary Conditions at their visits to our practices.  it is important to note that Neuro-structural Corrective care plans like the ones we provide do not aim to treat these Secondary Conditions directly.

These Secondary Conditions can appear for a variety of reasons both related and unrelated to spine pain.  They are called “Secondary Conditions” because they usually relate to a primary problem in the body.  This can be a Primary Structural shift, or indeed another underlying cause.

Our Chiropractors utilise their significant training and experience, along with our details Neuro-structural examination protocols to determine where you are currently in your health.

We also successfully co-manage many of our practice members with other health professionals in order to be of the best service to our community.

Anterior Head Syndrome

Types Of Secondary Conditions

Back pain
Neck pain
Digestive conditions
Degenerative issues
Lowered immunity
Spinal decay
Golfer’s elbow
Muscle tension
Posture-related Issues
Vision issues
Wrist pain
Sinus conditions



It is extremely important to note that any positive change in health and healing relies upon the body doing the work. This can take time, and professional help, but it is still incumbent on the individual to contribute positively to their own health journey.

We will discuss with you the factors that lead you to your current health expression and also the steps you can take to improve your health.

Neuro-structural Correction is a long term strategy aimed at both helping you to correct any Primary Shift but also to teach you the strategies to keep your positive changes and habits going, as much as possible, through the rest of your years.

Stages of Spinal Degeneration

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