Initial Consultations Process

Every Chiropractic Life practice member begins their care journey through our comprehensive initial consultation process.

1. Initial Consultation
This visit examines your complete health history via digital postural imaging, plus movement tests and a thorough neurological exam. If clinically indicated, we may take a complete set of spinal x-rays. Please allow 30 mins.

2. Review Results
Your chiropractor will meet with you to review your examination and testing results and explain your recommended care program. Please allow 30 minutes.

3. Ongoing care:
Your customised care program will address your specific concerns and include a plan for corrective care.

What To Expect In Your NeuroStructural Examination*

On your first visit, your chiropractor will discuss your health history, current health situation and any specific goals or objectives you have.

The chiropractor will then perform a comprehensive NeuroStructual examination.

Plan on allowing no less than 30 minutes for your first visit. As this is a thorough examination, we recommend appropriate dress of athletic/gym shorts.

Detailed structural analysis
Digital postural analysis
Bilateral weight distribution analysis
Neurological stress adaption testing
Structural radiographs
Range of motion analysis
Orthopaedic analysis
Neurological analysis
Chiropractic analysis

If radiographs are needed they will be done in house and bulk billed.

The NeuroStructural examination is not only designed to detect Structural Shifts, but allows for a better understanding of “normal”- and a complete understanding of the underlying cause of your problem.

After your examination, you will be scheduled for a conference where your doctor will explain the findings, provide recommendations and discuss a plan that fits your schedule.

*Not all testing and analysis described may be performed during your examination.


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