Finding moments of peace and mindfulness is becoming increasingly crucial in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our lives. Following our February focus on building habits that stick, we bring you March, a month to focus on mindfulness.

To hit the ground running with this, we bring you the 7-Day March Live Well Challenge – designed to make you THINK well, MOVE well, EAT well, FUNCTION well, and ultimately, LIVE well.

In a society dominated by hectic schedules and constant distractions, taking a step back to prioritise our mental, physical, and emotional health is often overlooked. This challenge aims to break that pattern, guiding you through a week of purposeful activities that will nurture your body and foster a deep sense of mindfulness.

The ‘THINK, MOVE, EAT & FUNCTION well’ categories encourage you to engage in activities that promote clarity of thought, physical vitality, nourishing nutrition, and efficient bodily function. The belief is that focusing on these aspects will unlock the key to living well.

Each day will present you with an opportunity to partake in the challenge; whether you focus on one, two or even all categories, we have provided a list of resources to get started.

THINK Well – Positive thinking and mindfulness

Some suggestions include:
–  Mindfulness practices – breathwork, meditation, journaling, grounding
–  Take a break from screens – especially right before bed; set do not disturb on your phone after 7 pm
–  Listen to a feel-good podcast, some music or read a few chapters in your book

Here are some helpful links to get you started:
If you’ll be focusing on breathwork, take a look at Wim Hof’s 11min breathing tutorial, Breathe with Sandy or Square Breathing Guide
If you prefer meditation, take a look at 10min Guided for Anxiety, 10min Guided Letting Go or 5min Guided Do Anywhere

To understand grounding, also known as earthing, check out this What is Grounding Guide, and to get started, follow this Benefits of Grounding & Guide.
If you’re keen to focus on journaling, then check out these to get started: 7 Journaling prompts and how to succeed and 7 days of journaling ideas
If you’d prefer to spend your time listening, these podcasts are excellent:
Huberman Lab, Feel Better Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Pursuit of Wellness by Mari Llewellyn

    MOVE Well – Stretching and Exercise

    Some suggestions include:
    –  Gentle exercise – stretching, yoga, or simply going for a walk
    –  Exercise – pilates, weight lifting, a HIIT workout or going for a run

    Here are some helpful links to get you started:
    Content creators that have free stretching resources – StretchIt – Stretching & Mobility, Tone & Tighten
    Content creators that have free yoga resources – Yoga with Adriene, Tana Yoga, Man Flow Yoga
    Content creators that have free exercise routines – Grow With Jo, Mad Fit, Body Project

    EAT Well – Nutritional food

    Some suggestions include:
    –  Focus on choosing healthy snacks that aren’t ultra-processed (bonus points if you make them yourself!)
    –  Prioritise healthy meals made up of whole foods, and don’t eat too late in the evening

    Here are some helpful links to get you started:
    Healthy Recipe Resources – Heart Research Institute eBook (FREE), Diabetes Australia Recipes, Weight Watchers Healthy Recipes


    FUNCTION Well – Healthy lifestyle

    Some suggestions include:
    –  Focusing on getting 6-8 hours of sleep and going to bed at the same time each night
    –  Drinking more tea and hydrating with water throughout each day, avoiding fizzy and sweet drinks

    Here are some helpful links to get you started:
    For great ‘sleep practices’, take a look at these – Best Sleep Positions, 6 tips for better sleep, 10 ways to wind down before bed,
    For great ‘wake up practices’, check out – 10 ways to wake up mindfully, Huberman Best Practice Morning Routine
    A great drink reminder app that will notify you when to hydrate is Water Llama (free but has in-app purchases)
    If you focus on drinking tea, start with this article, 8 teas to drink for a healthier body & mind.



    Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Over the next seven days, we encourage you to delve into mindfulness, push your boundaries, and embrace the positive changes that will undoubtedly unfold.

    To sweeten the deal, we’ve even got some prizes for grabs: 5 x Fitbit Versa 3’s valued at $197 each!

    To enter the competition and for a chance to win one of these, share a picture or video of you taking part in the challenge to your socials and tag @chiropracticlife_aus using the hashtag #CLLiveWellChallenge.

     Terms & Conditions:

    Live Well Challenge Competition.  It starts on 1st March and ends on 31st March at midnight.  There are 5 x Fitbit Versa 3 valued at RRP $197 to be won.  Enter the competition by sharing a picture or video and tagging Chiropractic Life to go in the ‘game of chance’ draw.  A random draw will occur on Friday 5th of April, and prize winners will be notified by DM or phone call.


    Fitbit Competition

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