Spinal Health Week 2022

consider a chiro

Spinal Health Week is the ACA’s flagship campaign, which will take place this year on 23-29 May 2022! This year, the ACA is raising awareness of the causes and negative effects of neck pain, with the 2022 theme

‘Sore Neck? Consider a Chiro’

Back and neck pain is recognised as one of the leading causes of disability globally.(1) Research shows that neck pain is a leading cause of disability in adults (reported up to 20% of adults), with many presenting for assessment.(2)

In the Global Burden of Disease study in 2010, neck pain ranked fourth highest in terms of disability and twenty-first in overall burden.(3) Not surprisingly, neck pain is in the top five back problem hospitalisations in 2017-18.(4)

This clearly demonstrates the need to educate Australians about their options for neck pain treatment and to book a visit with a local chiropractor to assess the best healthcare options for them.

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