Work Space Week 2022 – launched to help Australians’ work well from anywhere

Due to long-running COVID-19 lockdowns and persistent calls to work from home caused by ongoing outbreaks, more Australians than ever have spent the past three years working between home and office locations. The risks to the health of those not working in ergonomically correct workspaces is causing concern for us here at Chiropractic Life.  

Since the pandemic began there’s been numerous studies and surveys conducted by researchers, governments, organisations and healthcare professionals looking at the benefits and disadvantages of working from home. While results found that many have enjoyed the increased flexibility that’s improved their work/life balance; a major downside has been that with more people working in non-ergonomic settings, chiropractors are seeing a surge in patients suffering neck pain, shoulder stiffness, headaches and lower back pain.

With hundreds-of-thousands of Australians now regularly working from home and many yet to adjust to their ‘new normal’, in launching the inaugural national Workspace Week (22-28 August 2022) the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) aims to address concerns that workers’ may be risking their spinal health and overall wellbeing if they haven’t adapted to their new workspace environments by adopting safe work habits.

Following the survey conducted by the ACTU which found 42% of Australians working from home did not have a suitable workstation or the correct equipment; and the Federal Government’s announcement in August 2021 that up to two-thirds of Australians were still working from home, the ACA developed new effective resources to help Australians maintain a healthy spine.

Work Space Week 2022 – Work Well from Anywhere!

To change the way Australians’ work from home the ACA’s national Workspace Week aims to alert Australians to the potential risks of unsafe workspace practices due to poorly set up workspaces at home.

During national Work Space Week 2022 we are encouraging anyone using a computer at home, albeit for work or study, to learn some simple steps that may improve postural correctness and create an ergonomic workspace.

Those experiencing neck, shoulder, back pain and headaches and those concerned about their spinal health when working remotely should contact us today to make an appointment. Our team at Chiropractic Life can help you learn how to set up your workspace correctly so you can develop safe workspace practices and provide you with advice on exercise programs specific to your needs.

We have locations all around Australia, with 100’s of people on our team, ready to help you #workwellfromanywhere – go here for a LOCATION NEAR YOU.

You can download the ACA’s Workspace Week Checklist below. This can assist you to work safely in an ergonomic setting, while using the Straighten Up app to improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, and enhance overall health and wellbeing.

By using these free tools and implementing positive spinal health habits including using an ergonomic office chair, adjusting your laptop to eye level and positioning your knees slightly below your hips when sitting, you can help prevent potential physical injuries when working remotely.

For more information about Workspace Week, to download the Workspace Checklist and the free Straighten Up App visit

Download your own copy of the Work Space Week 2022 check list right here:

work space week 2022 checklist

PDF Format which is great for printing!


You can also download our FREE desk stretches HERE

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